Ismael Cala

“The 4 D´s to Success” and his last book
“Awaken with Cala”

  • Excellence through Collaborations

  • 10 Benefits of Veganism

  • The 5 mistakes people new to outsourcing always make


Ismael Cala

Ismael Cala is a life and personal development strategist, best-selling author and international speaker. For more than five years CALA presented the show in primetime on CNN in Spanish.

He is currently considered one of the most important journalists of the continent and his message of social entrepreneurship, mindfulness and wellness is an inspiration to millions of people who continue his work in books, seminars, workshops and conferences throughout Latin America. Cala has traveled to more than 25 countries and has had an impact on hundreds of thousands of people with his message.

Murielle Marie

Murielle is dedicated to helping multi-passionate and ambitious women overcome what stops them from achieving their goals. With a strong focus on action-taking, women empowerment and sisterhood, she has a particular interest for helping women move through fear, and a strong belief in the benefits of self-love, and putting yourself first.

Helping women thrive as feminine leaders is very important to Murielle. That’s why she helps women to reclaim their sisterhood bonds with one another, and to trade in competition and jealousy for collaboration, friendship, support and love.

Erika de la Vega

Latin American television host, comedian, actress and announcer, best known the host of shows such as Latin American Idol in Sony Entertainment Television; Fama, Sudor y Lágrimas, and Diente por Diente. She was also the former host of her own late night show, Erika Tipo 11 and later for Telemundo in El Show de Erika and Un Mundo Perfecto. In 2010, she took part in the world of dubbing interpreting the Dolly Doll in the Spanish version of the animated film “Toy Story 3”, which was a 2011Oscar winner for best animated film and also nominated for best film. Nowadays, Erika travels between America and Europe presenting her standup comedy “Tu no sabes quién soy”

JT Foxx

JT Foxx is the ultimate Millionaire Underdog. He is a successful serial entrepreneur with companies, brands and business interests spanning the globe. He is one of the top platform speakers in the world and has been deemed the World’s #1 Wealth Coach as seen and heard on television, radio and print. JT is also a media and TV personality. However, what are most important to JT Foxx though are his philanthropic endeavors with youth entrepreneurs and kids with cancer. He is currently working on a new business reality show and has completed his widely anticipated book Millionaire Underdog.

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