Business Fit Magazine

Business Fit Magazine was established in January 2016 by Verónica Sosa, the Founder of Business Fit International and SHE (Seminar for Hispanics Entrepreneurs in Europe). She is also an author, International Speaker, award winner, and Relational Capital Lover. She is dedicated to empowering women towards better lives and rediscovering themselves. 

We provide readers with advice on growing their business, taking care of themselves and their employees, health, tips from other entrepreneurs, as well as spirituality, mindset and lifestyle articles. The list of topics covered include:


Business: Best practices, marketing, finance, leadership, technology, growth strategies.


With every issue we have two in depth interviews with prominent entrepreneur and business minds, giving our readers a unique insight into the mindset and techniques of success.

Mindset and Emotion:

Mindset and Emotion: Beliefs, best practices, cultivating new habits and attitudes, guides to dealing with emotions.


Every aspect of becoming and remaining fit: nutrition, exercise, health, well-being.


Environment: Issues relating to our environment, how we help protect it, practices you can adopt, leading an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Spirituality: Getting and staying spiritually fit, the practice of cultivating your body, mind, emotions and energies.

Fit Features:

Pashion Fashion – fashion in business and life style

Travel Fit – how travel has helped with your growth, emotionally, spiritually or in business

Spice it Up – food, recipes and business

Special Feature article – a subject matter which doesn’t fall into the above categories but which our readers will find of interest. 

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