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Business Fit Magazine

Business Fit Magazine was established in January 2016 by Verónica Sosa, the Founder of Business Fit International and SHE (Seminar for Hispanics Entrepreneurs in Europe).

Its aim is to provide a resource for entrepreneurs through Informative, educational, inspirational articles from established business people and to give up and coming female entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase themselves and their business. Our interviews include high profile individuals such as Vanilla Ice, Ismael Cala, Erika De la Vega and Jacqueline Camacho (who has been featured in Forbes) among others, which help to provide visibility to new and unknown entrepreneurs.

We provide readers with advice on growing their business, taking care of themselves and their employees, health, tips from other entrepreneurs, as well as spirituality, mindset and lifestyle articles


Verónica Sosa – Publisher

Verónica Sosa is the Founder of Business Fit Academy and Business Fit Magazine, Founder of SHE (Seminar for Hispanics Entrepreneurs in Europe), co-author, International Speaker, award winner, and Relational Capital Lover.

She has more than 18 years of experience working in the editorial and corporate sectors as a Manager in Marketing and Sales for International Publicity Companies in Spain. In 2015 she created her own company based in Belgium .

Verónica is dedicated to empowering women towards better lives and rediscovering themselves. With qualifications in Marketing Online and International Business, Verónica is a self-development facilitator and along with her collaborators around the world, teaches others how to create and elevate themself in their personal and professional lives to achieve success and create business with purpose together.

She says: “Challenges and hardships can serve to help us find our path. We may not have a choice in the circumstances we find ourselves, but we can choose how we react to any given situation.
Never be afraid to ask for help. Surround yourself with people who love you and want you to succeed. Take care of yourself and the people around you. It’s a balance which can be quite difficult, so you need to take control of your time and make it happen. Take action to clear your mind and become a better person.
You are a light in this world, never forget that.
Together is Better. Together we are stronger.”

Claire Morley - Editor

Claire has worked as a journalist and editor in North Cyprus for over 15 years. Originally from the UK, where her background was in marketing communication and events, she moved to North Cyprus in 2002.

Claire joined the Business Fit Magazine team in July 2018 and along with editing articles is also a contributor mainly for the environment category. An ecowarrior in her adopted country of Cyprus, it is something she is very passionate about.
In addition to editing the magazine, she has a small business helping people to self-publish their books. Having learned all about the process when publishing her own book: TIndog Tacloban, which was inspired by her time volunteering in the Philippines to help rebuild Tacloban after it was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan, she is now able to assist others with the process. She is also a wedding planner and celebrant.

Leo Collier-Bett - Art & Design Director

Originally from the UK, Leo runs a company providing digital media design and promotional media services to luxury brands covering a range of different industries internationally. Former owner of Prestige Travel Magazine Leo has an extensive background in the mediums of print, web, photography and film.
Passionate about all things creative Leo takes a very hands on approach working closely with clients to ensure they receive the best service and result possible.

Leo joined the Business Fit team alongside Claire in July 2018 and currently handles the layout and graphic design for the magazine.


Editorial Associates

Viola Edward

Viola is a Personal Advisor, Business Consultant B. Transcultural Psychotherapist, Breathwork Mentoring Trainer.
Since the early nineties, she was eager to share her discovery that Breath was at the core of every person’s wellbeing and has been pioneering and developing mental health and workplace fitness and wellbeing.
She works internationally with individual and corporate clients in cross pollination between Self development, management and leadership. She recently introduced Breathwork to Rehabilitation from addiction, a challenge in her life she personally overcame.
Viola is a Multiple award winner and the author of two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” and “Who Makes the Bed?” and Co-Author of eight other books.
She is the CEO and co-owner of Kayana Consulting and GRIT-academy. Founder of Feminine Capital Forum. Co-Creator of “BQ – Breath Intelligence” and of “Systemic Breathing”.
Viola has been the organisational Consultant for Business Fit Magazine and Academy and S.H.E.- Seminarios Hispanas Emprendedoras since 2017. Viola sits on the Editorial board of four further magazines and several NGO’s serving as ambassador for Human Rights and Gender Equity.

Vikki Thomas

Vikki’s background is in finance and business in the corporate world. She has also been a successful multiple business owner and private property investor.
However, she was called to do something more and embarked on a new journey five years ago, to find meaning and to live her life mission. She is profoundly grateful for the opportunities she has had to reach out to many, through the medium of global live events, talks, books, radio and soon to be television.
She is said to be:
A guardian angel who not only inspires her followers, but energetically heals people all over the world utilising the Quantum Field.
She brings “magic” & “abundance” into people’s lives. 
A person with exuberant passion, perseverance, and energy nurturing others with unconditional love and light, so that they can flourish in life to their fullest.

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