Business Fit Magazine January 2019 Issue 1

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 Heleniq Argyrou

Funny, special, smart, beautiful, creative, unique lady from Africa who loves the world. Heleniq is her nickname as her original name is Helen. She is a Peak Performance trainer, a speaker, clinical psychologist, researcher, conference organizer, yoga teacher and drummer.

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In this Edition

  • Special – Valentine´s Day by Claire Morley
  • Spice it up – by Sarah Ali Choudhury
  • Interview – Heleniq Argyrou Ali Choudhury
  • 5 Elements Therapy – by Carlos Mario Sanchez Avil
  • Interview – Rebecca Jackson
  • Interview – Ricardo De La Blanca Brigati
  • Finding your Bliss in Boundaries – by Alejandra Sarmiento
  • Relational Capital Together is better – by Veronica Sosa
  • Who makes the bed? – Book review
  • What Influences How Much an Adult Learns? – by Veronika Christodoulides
  • Conquer Your Time – by Stefania Dalle Pezze
  • Not a Minute to Lose – by Ismael CalAlexaandra
  • 9 Proven tips For Staying Out of Debt – by  Ramirez
  • Bragging Versus Visibility – by Deyanira Martinez
  • Intercultural Biz – by MaLish
  • Inner Harmony – by Prof. Dr. Irmela Neu
  • Amazona Project – by Adrian Vallenilla
  • How We Let Carrot Brand Us – Victoria Bengstsson

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