Business Fit Magazine January 2019 Issue 2

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Rebeca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson is a racing driver, TV presenter and motoring expert. Also, fitness guru, world record holder, multiple trophy winner, entrepreneur…and cat lover. She believes in positive language and value mental wellbeing in equal importance when measured alongside business and financial success.

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In this Edition

  • Special – Valentine´s Day by Claire Morley
  • Spice it up – by Sarah Ali Choudhury
  • Interview – Heleniq Argyrou Ali Choudhury
  • 5 Elements Therapy – by Carlos Mario Sanchez Avil
  • Interview – Rebecca Jackson
  • Interview – Ricardo De La Blanca Brigati
  • Finding your Bliss in Boundaries – by Alejandra Sarmiento
  • Relational Capital Together is better – by Veronica Sosa
  • Who makes the bed? – Book review
  • What Influences How Much an Adult Learns? – by Veronika Christodoulides
  • Conquer Your Time – by Stefania Dalle Pezze
  • Not a Minute to Lose – by Ismael Cala
  • 9 Proven tips For Staying Out of Debt – by Alexandra Ramirez
  • Bragging Versus Visibility – by Deyanira Martinez
  • Intercultural Biz – by MaLish
  • Inner Harmony – by Prof. Dr. Irmela Neu
  • Amazona Project – by Adrian Vallenilla
  • How We Let Carrot Brand Us – Victoria Bengstsson

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