Business Fit Magazine March 2019 Issue 1

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 Vanilla Ice

The American rapper, actor and television host Vanilla Ice was born in October 1967 as Robert Matthew Van Winkle. As a teenager, he practiced breakdancing, which led to his friends calling him Vanilla, as he was the only member of the group who wasn’t black. The Ice part of his name came later, from one of this breakdance moves, “The Ice”.

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In this Edition

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine in Your Daily Life. Layla Edwar
  • Vanilla Ice

  • Olga Balakleets

  • Elena Sotomayor

  • Mastering Adjustment. Regina Reinhardt

  • My Breathwork Love Story. Viola Edward

  • How to Manifest Your Impossible Dreams to Become Your Reality. Colleen Gallagher

  • Why You Should Cross Your Comfort Zone. Ricardo Koanuka

  • Another Factor for Your ‘Blue Zone’. Ismael Cala

  • Conquer the Public Speaking Fear. Minue Yoshida

  • Are you a Compa(g)neur?. MaLish

  • You are Born to Lead. Christine Wendl

  • Successful e-learning. Nydia Monarrez

  • Powerful Communication. Prof. Dr. Irmela Neu

  • Think Green. Adrian Vallenilla

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