We Will Survive Because Of Creativity!

We Will Survive Because Of Creativity!

Olga Balakleets

How to remain strong in these challenging times as an event organiser when the pandemic froze everything for a long time? The answer is  – not easy… but it is all up to you and which road you decide to go…to give up or fight and wait for better times and to keep in touch with your audiences and partners.

Create something useful

To try to create something useful for other people or simply try not to give up when you don’t even see any sense in what is happening or rather not happening?…It is your choice  and you have to make it. After a short period of shock, sadness and going into a total passiveness, I decided to make an U Turn and start to create positive things around me with very limited resources available in these new times… it was a protest to accept your inability to be active and to create values.

Time to change

I decided not to give up, and since lockdown when all events and activities around the world stopped completely for an unknown period of time and we still do not know when it will change, I started to create whatever I could in these circumstances.

I never was too keen on technology and even using social media was quite limited with what I was doing there. The time for me had to change as the whole world was becoming virtual and I had to become quite explorational and quickly learn as much as I could. I know there is still a long way to go but I am progressing and am pleased with my progress.

Online Events

I organised a number of online events including a charitable concert performed by my son John. I managed to motivate many Russian performing stars to participate in an online action celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. I started a series of video interviews with the world’s hottest ballet stars most of whom I had worked with in real life, including having their performances in my live events. I pushed myself to become a presenter and an interviewer (By the way many others became presenters too).

Online Conference

I put all the Creative women Platform events online starting with a number of webinars focused on our New Reality and preparing the online edition of our annual conference which is opening today. It will take place over two days with a number of exciting presentations, panels, Q&A and even artistic performances. There will be an after party with over 40 speakers and panellists from all around the world sharing their creativity with us and strategies for overcoming these challenging times. This platform was established with a view to boost the creativity of every businesswoman and entrepreneur as only new approaches to life will lead to a success.

Vida la Vida

Creativity was never needed as much as now and I am so excited about all the resolutions we are going to make. So, VIVA LA VIDA and let us boost our creativity and never give up. Please join us today and tomorrow on 5-6 June and register here.


Olga Balakleets is CEO of international events company Ensemble Productions, and a Founder of several annual cultural and philanthropic initiatives worldwide, Olga acts as an advisor to a number of governmental organisations. She has received various awards for her professional services, including a Special Medal from President Medvedev (September 2010), an Order “for services to the Fatherhood of St. Prince Dmitry Donskoi and St. Sergey Radonezhsky” (December 2010), an Award from Giornalle della Danza in Italy (October 2011), and Russian Business Woman of the Year Award in Cyprus (November 2014). Throughout her many years of organising ambitious events, she has been passionate about creating inspiring and meaningful experiences and promoting successful female entrepreneurs.

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